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  • This was pretty impressive and accurately insightful for such a short test. One wouldn't think that so few questions could be statistically reliable, but it cuts through the fat, right to the nuts and bolts and does a great job!

  • You scored 100% which means you are

    A hardcore conservative. You believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Yeah :)

  • @HardcoreHerman and all the people who use the 'slippery slope' argument for same-sex marriage:

    The legalization of same-sex marriage makes marriage between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS. Not children. Not objects. Two human, consenting people of age. In Canada and the UK, where this is legal, people know this. A toaster is not a person, much less an adult, and CANNOT GIVE CONSENT. Seriously.

    I scored 0%, hardcore liberal. Maybe it's because I believe in EQUALITY and a better society for all.

  • To whoever made the same sex marriage comment, i believe paydo325? I am a christian and I do not believe in same sex marriage or abortion myself, but! I do believe that every single individual has the right to make their own choices of what they do in this life. Who am I or you, to tell somebody else what they can do with their life? If some other religion came up to you and said we dont believe in marriage b/w a man and a woman you can only get married if you marry 3 people, ( just using an example) what would you think? You would be like wth do I have to listen to them for if thats not what I believe? So everyone has the right to live their own lives how they want.

  • You scored 100% which means you are

    a hardcore conservative. You believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals

  • unknowncommenter said:

    Apr 14 '08, 6:58PM "Conservatives lower education." yeah that's true. because of our conservative government, education is lowered to the help the most stupid person in the class. because not trying to insult you intelligence, but if our education was harder like other countries, i doubt you would get the honor roll. we should punish the people the were responsible for 9/11, but not kill the whole country of Iraq or set up a modern-day indquistion!

  • Great quiz! I got 0%, or hardcore liberal.Someone said earlier that they could tell you are liberal. However, maybe they just noticed how educated you seemed, as scientific studies have shown that liberals tend to be more educated and more in favor of higher education (college) than conservatives. I guess that explains the intelligence of the idiot we've got as our president right now!

  • A liberal can discern both the strengths and weaknesses of liberalism and conservatism. A conservative can produce no more than two of the four possible ideas. It is not likely that any of the conservative's answers will be objective.

  • I think everyone should be against war---but we cannot live in fear, did everyone forget about 911, war is the only thing those towel heads understand, lets stop the compassion and kill the terrorist!!!!

  • I wrote a blog about just this thing. The classic and original meaning of Liberal and Conservative is actually much different than what is now Democrat or Republican.

    Please know the difference: [no urls]

  • I am 96 percent, hard core conservative. The only thing that brought me down from 100 was my view on the environment, which is slightly more libral.

  • smf98: You don't think we should allow immigrants? We are a country of immigrants. You wouldn't be here without immigrants. Accept immigrants. As for the taxes, they also can't vote. You can. Enjoy your rights.

  • I know that I'm more conservative than liberal and I got liberal (about 30% or something like that). 6/10 for well thought-out answers except for in the middle.

  • This quiz is basically copied word for word from this article: [no urls] That article is copyrighted, by the way. How difficult is it to re-word things? Is anyone aware of what "plagiarism" is?

  • 21% liberal

    For the record, I'm against abortion, the death penalty, and stupid wars (most wars). So there's one less argument the pro-choicers can use against me.

  • I like dont understand a lot of this and its based on like American things too which I am not American idk some of it is like government stuff but also equality and idk... its confusing :(

  • 57% Conservative, so there's a 43% of me that's liberal

    but this quiz is not really accurate
    citizens have the right to bear arms
    abortion is the murder of a child

    and for God's sake, God's word shouldn't reflect in the laws!

  • I am moderately conservative, apparently. 51% Equality, right to bare arms and self reliant citizens. Yep. Couldn't care less to be liberal or conservative. Neither means a thing to me. ._.

  • I like the quiz, but some of your questions were a little biased, what I mean by that is you can tell that you are liberal. Anyways, other than that, GOOD QUIZ :]

  • 0% hardcore liberal

    I believe in a classless, stateless, moneyless society where everyone is treated equally regardless of race, gender, sexual identity and the like. I can say I am the most left-wing person I know.

  • since my comment got cut off ill continue... not to take their money. i mean, do u like paying for welfare for ppl who pleed B.S. cases of racism as the reason for their unemployment? these ppl r just too lazy to get a job, but u know wut? they shud b. i mean, if the govt was goin to pay for my food and items that i want...well hell, just name me King and call the govt my b----. as for immigrants, come here LEGALLY! i dont mind immigrants coming here, i just hate the illegal ones. my amily and i r legal. im first gen born here in my family. also, both my family and i learned english, it doesnt deprive u of ur heritage. if u think it does...heres wut u can do: A) get over it, ur not changing ur lifestyle ur just givin urself a way to communicate with people. or B) if u think it'll effect ur heritage that much, then go embrace ur heritage by goin back to the country ur family is from. I don't hate ppl's views on things, i hate ppl's ignorant views. if ur gonna defend sutmhin know both s

  • Completely right wing leaning survey. I have both very conservative views and very liberal views but because I answer ONE question liberal you call me a diehard liberal. Typical right wing nazi crap.

    Bill Skt
  • @Demonjoe- Wasn't that the one that also had parties like Communist, Fascist, Socialist and Anarchist?

    I got Communist on that one...

  • Why's it racst to expect someone who comes to this country to speak the language? If I went to another country, I wouldn't expect them to accomodate my desire to speak English. I would expect to speak what lang. they speak. Get over yourselves!

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