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  • Dannica how do you keep playing my emotions like this it's not fair D:

    You, my friend, are teetering on the edge of making me mentally unstable, and that is not okay! I actually think Flame is starting to lose his cool a bit...because people have been treating him differently when he's so used to being "that guy", you know? And you can actually tell in the first paragraph because it said that he was so used to people letting him in easily. And I guess it makes it harder for Flame I work his magic since Tallon is a guy, and he's probably freaked out from the last time he saw him lying on te floor like that. And Rave needs to seriously talk to me about these boyfriend/girlfrien d issues okay because there is some SERIOUS tension of feelings between us, and in pretty sure he wants it resolved as much as I do. D: And Web, my gosh, how inconsistent can he get? But I love how whenever things go awry he just sort of jokes about it like it's no big deal :P Dannica you make such good characters. They are so defined as their own person and I love you for that you're amaaaaaazing!

  • I am so interested in what Flame will say to Tallon! And also what's in that cabin, because from what was said Penelope never let go of Rabe's arm, but then suddenly disappeared when she mentioned "the bad thing". And it must be pretty bad if she's afraid of it, considering that she the creator of Ardones.

    I like this a lot because the story not only contains problems within the main idea which is the main character being hunted by the Miscreancy, but it also shows conflict with the main character's social life, so it seems more real. And I love Rave okay he is so ughhhhh he's so proper and cute, I can't handle it!

  • Welcome back to the States, Dannica! ^^ Hope your trip was great!

    Tallon is one strange dude... ._. talk about worlds colliding; Flame's going to be brought into this (whatever "this" is xD ) Penelope Basil, no. No. My saviour (and maybe more) >:P imagining Rave turning down Penelope by saying "I have already solidified my loyalty to another" all formal and everything is really really nice ;P but bah D: Rave thinks Flame is my boyfriend??? Actually, I have nothing against that idea, but them that'd mean I'm choosing Flame over the rest and that just seems too mean to do as of yet as I cannot decide at the moment, like, at ALL. My feelings ebb and flow all the time xD That. Is kinda creepy o.o one moment Rave is talking to Penelope, the next, she gives him an ominous warning out of the blue and disappears... like a ghost.

    o.o a familiar guy? Who is it??? D: it's going to be important, I know it is! Who who who :S *facepalms* WEBBB I leave you along for just a little bit, and you get in trouble... and are having fun doing that. Boy... you're wild xD running away from a gang, yeah, all good >.> ah boy :S we in trouble no[no urls] Rave? A little help would be appreciated :P

    Every time I see Confinement on the new quiz list, I swear my lifts - not kidding. Loveee it; you're wonderful, Dannica ^^ cannot wait for part 27 already even though you just posted this part xD sorry for being so demanding! ^^

    P.S. *gasp* might I be first comment? ... *crossing fingers*

  • Hmm, I wonder what Rave's up to. My favorite paragraph was when he and Penelope were talking about the boyfriend/girlfrien d subject, because I just thought it was cute, lol c: And welcome back!! It was so hard to take in that you'd be gone for weeks I almost had a tantrum every day :-( but amazing as always! Can't wait for what you have in store!!

  • Yes yes yes!

    Ok because xxblutixx made such a long comment I feel obligated to as well haha :P

    Alright, so there are many things that I would like to know about each character. For flame, the biggest secret really is his rumors that happened in the past. Then for Rave I just want to know more of his background. For Tallon, well that one is kind of obvious lol.

    But omg Rave cannot think that Flame is my boyfriend! And Penelope needs to stop, like. Rave is such a good character. You make him actually sound like his only job is to protect the main character, and you can't tell if he wants to out of duty or something more.

    And I still want to know what Flame's real name is! But anyways, Web is so flirtatious, my goodness gracious. xD And he would start a fight, not surprised by that. Rave should just swoop in and kick some ass and then meet Web already. Oh yes! You said they were going to meet you liar

    lol just kidding

    I have a feelin they'll meet in the next part. I really like you're writing because it has good pace and it doesn't rush like other stories. You're so amazing Dannica, super talented!

  • I wish you were my friend in real life so that you could tell me stories and poems all day and write me stuff just for me ok wHY DO YOU LIVE SO FAR AWAY

    I loved this part as always and I hope you think about persuing a writing career because honestly...if you're THIS good while you're what, 14? Imagine how good you'll be when you're 20 or something...

  • I agree with everybody that comments! And I am certainly looking forward to the guys meeting each other especially Rave and Flame--imagine that! Well I really have nothing to say since everybody already covered it so.............can' t wait for the next one!

    Flame Gang!!!!

  • heart lifts* woops I meant "every time I see Confinment on the new quiz list, I swear my heart lifts"

    My mistypes bother me xD though, it's kinda late for me to be noticing this one

  • CRAP! For both 'late comment' and for the situation at hand.

  • s--- JUST GOT REAL :O

    Web, why the *cue bleeping noises* did you have to *bleep* drunk?! *BLEEP BLEEEEEEEEEP BLEEEEEEP BLEEP*

    Aspen's gonna kill us! Dx

    The feelz T_T


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