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this quiz is random,crazy,funny and stupid quiz!and it makes me laugh and i think it'll make you laugh too!xDi know it's not so good but atleast it's good

for something:wasting time!lol in this quiz,i'll ask you some really hard questions!don't worry,every question that i thought it migh be hard,i gave you some tips!hope you like it!

Created by: dragon

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  1. "as i said befor(you may ask:"befor!?"well yes!befor!look near the pic and read what i said!xD) this quiz is one of those silly,random,stupid,crazy quizes!
  2. so let's study some math!2+2=?
  3. let's study some biology!how many legs does a humen have?
  4. let's study some about GTQ!what is about?(please don't count the forums!)
  5. this question will be so so so hard!!my name's sara,am i a girl or a boy?
  6. what's the name of my gtq user?(tip:for answering this question,just look above!)
  7. i'm sure none of you could answer this question!
  8. and...the questions is....:"what is name of this web site?"(tip:look above,they wrote something with blue big letters!)
  9. what's the name of that spong called bob?
  10. can we chat on gtq?(tip:i always chat with many people in the forums!)
  11. what are you doing with this quiz?
  12. look at the stars in the it day or night?(tip:stars are only at night!)
  13. there's some spaghetti on a plate near me!what should i do wit it?(tip:we EAT foods!)
  14. *comes back to normal*well,this quiz finished and don't think that i'm stupid and i call those questions "hard"!lol

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