classic lucky star quiz

Ther are many smart people but a few eniuses genuis is arpfter all quite exeptional what is a genius a genius is someone who whas an incredinlble mind

Are you a genius do you hve the brain power to qualify to that pretigioustitle untilnow you coul only wonderbut thanks to this greatquiz you will find out

Created by: minami iwasaki

  1. First question: who is the main protagonist in lucky star
  2. Who are the two twins in lucky star
  3. What does miyuki hate
  4. Who is flat chested and wants to grow her breast
  5. Who is the navigator of lucky channel
  6. Timotei!
  7. Timotei!
  8. Timotei!
  9. Is there a lucky star season2
  10. Bye

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