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Hello, this quiz is for you to create your own pee stories. I give option and then you choose the options. So... yeah, that’s basically my quiz. Hello

Oi como você está? Eu falo português. I am just goin g to write stuff in Portuguese because this patagrwph has too much repeated text. Eu sou uma menina. Eu assisto tv

Created by: Maria

  1. You wake up and look at the time. You are late for Option A: schoolOption B: work
  2. If you chose option A: You get out of bed and get ready to go to school. You get on the bus and while you are on the bus you feel the need to pee so you Option A1: hold your crotchOption A2: cross your legsOption A3: do nothing but squirms a bit
  3. You get to school and you find out that you are having a surprise test. You are halfway through the test and you are really desperate so you Option1: you ask the teacher to go to the bathroom and she tells you only when you finish the test so you finish the test and get up to go to the bathroom Option2: you finish your test and then you wait till free time.
  4. If you chose option1: you get up but you spurt so you sit back down and put your hand in your crotch. Then you get up again with your hand in your crotch and go to the bathroom. You go to the nearest bathroom but it is closed because it is cleaning so you go to another bathroom that is farther. You get there and see a big line. When it’s finally your turn to use the toilet you get so exited that you relax all your muscles and you pee yourself
  5. If you chose option2: It’s finally free time but then you discover that it’s a half day so you don’t go to the bathroom and go straight to the bus. You get home and you get out of the bus doing the pee pee dance and holding your crotch. You ring the doorbell and your mom opens the door. You walk in and when you are going to the bathroom your mom stops you and asks how was your day and you say it was good and run straight to the bathroom. You get there but you can’t unzip your pants so you pee your pants.
  6. If you chose option B: Go get in your car and drive to work. You feel the urgent need to pee. You get to work but you are late so your boss tells you that you need to stay more time in for work. You do your work and then you spurt so you hold your crotch and continue working. It’s finally time for your break but you boss says that you won’t have break because you got here late so you Option B1: run straight to the bathroom. Option B2: you sit down in your desk
  7. If you chose option B1:You run to the bathroom but you see it is closed. Your boss calls you and says you are fired. You go straight to your car with your hands in your crotch. Halfway through the car ride you spurt more. You dig your fingers into your crotch. You get home and you get out of the car doing the pee pee dance. Your neighbor turns on the sprinkler and you freeze. You feel warm liquid trickle down your legs. You realize you peed yourself
  8. If you chose option B2: you sit back down in your desk. It’s finally time to go home but your boss calls you to his room. You go there. Your boss talk and talks but you are not hearing anything because you are desperate to pee. You put your hand in your crotch and you ask if you can go to the bathroom. He says that the bathrooms are closed and that he is seeing that you really need to go so he gives you an empty plastic bottle. He tells you to pee there. Before you can even grab the bottle you start peeing and you can’t stop.
  9. Did you guys like my quiz?
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  11. Will you rate the quiz? (I am just asking these questions because I need to have 10 question)

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