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  • Okay, sooo I want my character to be an ordinary girl. (not the killer) Her name will be Lysa. She can be whatever age that will be apropriate for your story. Lysa has fair skin, medium length dark brown hair and hazel eyes that almost look gold. She's funny, witty, and a rebel. Oh, btw Lysa likes bad boys with dark hair and dark eyes. :)

    Good enough description?

  • I thInk your story is going to be GREAT and I can't wait till start. I would like to be one of the characters if u do put me in the series I don't really know what character I want to be so u can pick. Description: her name Faith I have black hair and caramel skin dark brown eyes. She's sassy when she wants to be, nice and goodie two shoes but not always. I hope that helped and I CAN'T wait for u to start the series!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin:Brown haired, brown eyes.Shy.Everybody comes to him in this crisis because someone recognizes him as the boy who reads alot of mysteries.He is the makeshift detective.But I am allowing you to choose his fate.Is he really pointing them to the right direction?Or is he trying to make sure the spotlight is not on him?Maybe the person who was killed teased him until he just couldn't take it.Oh my gosh, that sounds like the perfect twist.But maybe you choose for him to be good.Kay, Girl.Katherine:Red hair,green eyes.Freckles.Reall y shy.Has a little crush on Justin.She finally gets the guts to admit it to him during the crisis.If you make him bad, she has no idea until she starts to get a little suspisious.But then she dies, coincidently.She doesn't share her suspitions.Okay, maybe with one girl.(Who happens to be the main.)Wow this story sounds good.

  • So if i was a character I would have blond hair with red highlights blue eyes and my name would be shade but please don't make me the murderer. The murderer could have brown hair and brown eyes. If you wont it to be a girl give her belch blond hair and navy colored eyes.

    shadow wolf 195
  • Name: Alex
    Age: Up to you

    Personality: Nice to friends, but a b---- to everyone else.

    Look: Somewhat long top, baggy pants

    Apperance: Shortish brown hair, dark blue eyes, 5'7", somewhat skinny.

  • couple: boy: Damian, shy, black hair, gray eyes. girl: Kate, also shy, light brown hair, blue eyes.

    killer: popular jock kills other jock for cheating with his girlfriend

    this story sounds great! i can't wait to read it!

  • Hey, this story idea sounds way cool! I can't wait to read it! :)) I need a few minutes to come up with a character though.

  • Thanks so much! I cant wait to get started on this series! @Firey_Soul


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