Can you get away with cutting class

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Created by: Brad

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your record at school.previous trips to principal's office this year. Its mid march, about 2 months to go. Been in session over 6 months. Count office visits from previous grade or school year. Count each has half a visit for past year.
  2. Choose route across the school while skipping
  3. How have yo u behaved this year at school. Degree of any bad behaviour and how often you are in trouble or reprimanded.
  4. How have you behaved this year and the previous school year, with less emphasis on the former year. How is your reputation in regards to how you behave and how likeable you are.
  5. Roll 2 dice, add totals and match below.
  6. You encounter a teacher at the far end of a hallway. What to do?
  7. If confronted and blamed for skipping class, you do what?
  8. Roll 2 dice.
  9. What was your approach to the day?
  10. Roll again

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Quiz topic: Can I get away with cutting class