Can I make you pee? (GIRLS)

ATTENTION: Before starting this quiz, make sure to drink lots of water. When you start this quiz you have to make sure that you HAVE to go the the bathroom.

The point of this quiz is to make you pee. To feel the satisfaction. So please do whatever you can that will make you desperate to use the toilet. Also, this quiz will ask you to use different rooms. ONLY take this quiz in the bathroom when you are instructed to sit on the toilet. Now go pee yourself and have fun!

Created by: Lilly

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water and then wait 10 minutes. How do you feel?
  2. Get a towel and go somewhere private... preferable not the bathroom :)
  3. Take off all clothes waist and below. Squat down with your legs apart and tickle/stroke your bladder.
  4. Drink 2 more cups of water. Jump up and down 10 times, do 20 squats and then wait 10 minutes. What happens?
  5. Stand up and spread your legs. Relax everything as you watch a video of a faucet leaking.
  6. Sit in a straddle. Take a cup of warm water and slowly pour it on your bladder while relaxing.
  7. Put on your pants and go to the bathroom. Put the (top) toilet seat up and sit down. Yes with your pants on. What happens?
  8. Now take off your pants. Let pee squirt out for 2 seconds. Then stop yourself and put back on your pants and underwear.
  9. Go to the corner of a counter or table. Press your bladder to it. Then a little harder... any pain
  10. Go into any private room that is not the bathroom! Sit down, relax, and read this: drip drop drip drip drip drop drop drip drop drip drop drip drip drip drop
  11. Do you have to pee? 1 is not at all. 5 is ALOT
  12. If you answered 1-3, drink 3 cups of water, wait 10 minutes, then retake this quiz. If you answered 4-5, pee now! You have earned it. Yes... I mean stay where you are and pee your pants. Feel the pee trickle out
  13. Do you hate me?

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