Can I make you pee? ( boys and girls)

G’day mates! This quiz will represent on how much you have to PEE! Like if your bladder is full or not. You will get the best results if you drink water before the quiz, don’t drink too much, there’s water sections in the quiz, I don’t want you to explode!

There is 18 questions, and it’s up to you to answer them for accurate results. You don’t have to do all of the challenges, but you won’t get accurate results at the end. You can take breaks between questions but remember to get back to the quiz, you don’t have to, but I would like you to.

Created by: Teresa Liz

  1. How old are you?
  2. What’s your gender?
  3. Now, let’s get on with this! On a scale to one to ten, how bad do you have to go?
  4. When’s the last time you peed?
  5. Let’s get into some challenges!
  6. Challenge 1: press as hard as you can on your bladder with your fist. How do you feel?
  7. Challenge 2: drink 5 cups of water and wait about 5 minutes before moving on with the quiz. How do you feel now?
  8. Challenge 3: do 20 jumping Jax, 5 push ups, and 10 squats. What ya feelin?
  9. Challenge 3: do 20 jumping Jax, 5 push ups, and 10 squats. What ya feelin?
  10. Story time!
  11. There’s 2 girls have a sleepover. Mia decides to do a pee holding contest. Susie agrees. So they do that. After 3 hours into the challenge, Mia starts to not be able to hold it. But she didn’t tell Susie. Then in another hour after the challenge Susie starts to really have to go. There mum comes in to tell them that it’s bedtime. So they end the challenge and Susie went to he bathroom and then in bed, but Mia didn’t make it to the bathroom in time, pee was dripping down her legs. She was very embarrassed and Susie called for her mum to clean it up. They both went to bed happily ever after! ❤
  12. You have to pee, but your in the middle of a important test, you ask to go to th bathroom, but the teach said you can wait. So you plead to go to the bathroom, she was nice enough to let you go. When you get to the the bathrooms, there’s an hour line! So you go to the janitors room to hide, you find a bucket, you let it all out in there, no matter how loud it just feels so good you just don’t wanna stop! Feelings?
  13. On a scale how much do you have to go now?
  14. Press on your bladder as hard as you can again. How’s it feelin?
  15. What color are you thinking of right now?
  16. Drink another 3 cups of water and wait five minutes before returning to the quiz.
  17. Can you rate or comment on my quiz?
  18. Bye mate!

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