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  • Although the estimated time for the menstraul cycle is 28 to 31 days it can change and vary in period duration, heaviness and consistency. In the first 2 years inparticular your period is likely to be inconsistent. After your first period you may not get your second till even a year later. It's nothing to worry about and you aren't alone on this one. Your body is just becoming used to it.

    Another cause for a delayed period is playing a lot of sport. If you're training for a running event or engaging in many sporting activities your body may pause the cycle.

    Last possible cause. If you are feeling dizzy or weak you may be lacking in iron. Ensure you are getting enough red meat and it may be a good idea to take iron tablets.

  • Haha it's okay :P. You don't need to worry. I'm assuming that you've had it less than a year? That's completely normal. I didn't had mine for 3 months either and it was like the 2nd time I got it, it "disappeared" for 3months. Same thing happened to my mom and my cousin. You're probably active I'm assuming? When you're active, your period slows down and it's light. So, no need to worry. You don't have to go to a doctor or anything. Just wait, and I promise it'll "come back". :).

  • I'm not active, but it still happened to me in the beginning....Actual ly, I still get it really late, sometimes not at all. The second time I had to get it, it wouldn't come till months and my mom was freaking out, i thought it was a good thing (having no idea that it's a sign of pregnancy =p) so yea, bbut i'm fine (and NO, i wasnt and am not pregnanat!) So i guess it's completely normal =) dont worry

  • I'm can't really give you a good answer because I don't know how long you've been getting yours, but when you first start out, your period can be very irratic. It takes like two years for your period to settle into a routine, and you can go six months without getting it (I envy those girls. Grrrr).

  • The only thing I can think (That the people down there haven't thought of already)of is maybe it's brown? I didn't even think that I was on my period for two days after my first time, was because it was brown, instead of red. But, I think that being dehydrated is the most likley possibilaty. Hope things work out for you!

  • It's okay that you're period is late. For the first 3 years of mine I would have it one month and not see if for two months afterward. It's only now that I'm 16 that I'm starting to see it every month right on time. Once your body matures you'll probably start seeing it every month.

  • I'm not active and I have helped around the hospital (my mom works in the OBGYN) Are you taking any pills? Do you excercise alot? Any type of medication? Are you eating? Just answer the questions and if you say yes to any of these, then thats probualy the problem.

  • It means either you ve been very shocked,sick or malnurished lately. be calm,take vtamins and live healthy as possible. And drinking water helps too. Anyway periods can be irregular which means smetimes they come way late and sometimes way early... so it s okay.

  • sometimes it just doesn't come somethimes i skip a month it's no big deal it will come but if your so worried then go see a doctor i would be happy to skip three months

  • Don't worry. If you just started, then it will be a little irregular for a while.

  • Malnutrition or dehydration maybe? It could be because you're not eating or drinking enough.

  • Well, the only thing i can think of is to go to your doctor about this problem. He/she can help you and find an answer for you!

  • Hormones. I got my period a month late once and I've gotten two in a month. It needs time to even out.

  • This is a quiz sight, not a helpline.

  • Maybe you dont move alot and your always siting down or lying down but i do think its because you dont eat

  • Probably malnutrition or dehyration,or maybe it's just late.


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