Boredom sucks doesn't it

R u bored? Find out in this quiz! I mean... Let me re-phrase that... Find out in this very poorly made quiz.....

I'd look out If I were u coz if ur bored then ur bOrEd LiKe Me ThEn YoU wIlL be bored..... Teeheeteeheeteeheeteeheeteeheeteeheeteeheeteeheeteeheeteehee

Created by: Person

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok so you have a pretzel 1 and a pretzel 2. Which 1 do u eat first?
  2. Daddy's just bought you that doughnut. You thank him by...
  3. Jb is...
  4. Fave colour
  5. Rubored
  6. Where have u been?
  7. R U A DERP?
  8. What's ur fave song?
  9. Will u rate my quiz?
  10. Will u rate my quiz?
  11. Will u comment?
  12. Did u like my quiz?

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