Blueberry Life!

Time for another inappropriate quiz that has nothing to die with my werewolf heritage.. This one is going to be about blueberry inflation. Go through inflating process alone or with friends.

The results specifically will tell you what kind of berry you are. Answers will be fine-tunes based on if you made the rational answers or not. See ya..

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You walk to your favorite mall with.,
  2. You walk into a retail store while your companions go to Hot Topic. You see a “breast enhancer bra”.
  3. You put it on, thinking..
  4. The bra makes a weird noise, and you look down. The bra is leaking out a blue liquid! You squeal and look around, but nobody is there to witness this leak. Some of the liquid gets in your mouth, eew!
  5. You breasts start growing. The bra works?! But then your stomach starts to get bigger too. You take off the bra, and your stomach and breasts stop getting bigger. But then your butt enlarges drastically. Your cheeks are being filled up by a liquid that tastes like blueberry juice.
  6. If you are a boy, your penis gets bigger and your body turns blue along with it. Fresh berry juice drips from your penis.
  7. If you are a girl, you turn blue as some tiny blueberries drip from your vagina.
  8. Your transformation is complete, and you are there in the store. A little boy and his mom walk in.
  9. The little boy squeals and says “Mommy, a blueberry person doll!”
  10. Sorry but it’s over.

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