Bladder fullness quiz

Some people can control their bladders perfect, but other feel the urge too late. Take this quiz and you will find how full is your bladder at the moment.

Is your bladder pretty empty or almost going to burst? Well, if you want to know it exactly. And don't worry. You don't have to do lots of challenges.

Created by: Someone

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How bad do you need to pee right now?
  2. When was your last pee?
  3. How much liquids you drank today?
  4. What have you drank today?
  5. What's your courrent position?
  6. Are you comfortable in your courrent position?
  7. Can you press your bladder a second? How it feels?
  8. What was the colour of your last pee?
  9. Why are you holding it?
  10. Have you wet the bed?
  11. Do you wear diapers?
  12. Think a minute that you're in the bathroom, finally going pee... you can hear the audible stream *Ssssssss* How do you feel now?
  13. Would you go to sleep in your courrent situation?
  14. Are you making some strange movements right now?
  15. Some adult diapers can hold even 6 glasses of water! What do you think now?
  16. Have these quiz increaised your urge?
  17. How bad do you need to pee right now?
  18. How is your urge compared with the urge of the morning?
  19. Did you like the quiz?

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