Bet you cant score more than 65%

This is just a quiz for fun, just to see if u smarter than a 5th grader,and ya I am a 5th grader that wrote all of this Ha Im not stupid I know stuff u know!

I can definitely pass this quiz, but can u pass it? Um, well some questions r really huh, u know weird!And as I said Im a 5 grader that wrote all this

Created by: Paige

  1. R u an idiot? (I bet u r)
  2. Would u have sex with a stranger in the streets?
  3. What is my favorite color?
  4. So do u like my quiz so far?
  5. Alright if we were to suddenly meet at DQ on March,13 2015...... In McMinnville Or, what would u do?
  6. Do u have a phone?
  7. How smart r u?
  8. Truth or Dare?
  9. You know what I know it says 65 but can u score more than 90%?
  10. What do u prefer?
  11. Alright if u get this right it'll probably give u 8%,more correct

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