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There are some Ben 10 geniuses out there and if you think you are one of them then have a go! The wri was born the first year of his life and won that he won in a year in Omniverse of a city of faith he said he must

Are you a genius? About Ben 10 I mean. Try this to see if you are! You can see what the person who won that the person was born and I was didn't had to go back into the a book second book in a year and a then it didn't work at the time and the book.

Created by: Fred Luke

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  1. Albedo's species is actually the Galvan. True or False?
  2. What is Ben's middle name?
  3. In Omniverse what does Ben consider to be the least useful alien?
  4. In Omniverse how many alternate Bens are there not including Ben prime?
  5. On of the alternate Bens is called Mad Ben. True or False?
  6. In the original series what is Ben scared of?
  7. What is Ben 23's name for Humungousaur?
  8. In Omniverse who named Walkatrout?
  9. In Omniverse who named Walkatrout?
  10. What is the name of the Slimebiote that jumps onto the Omnitrix.
  11. In the original series episode "Gwen 10" what does Ben trick Gwen into turning into?

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