Bathroom scenario: What would you do?

This is a what would you do scenario. There is multiple endings. This quiz doesn’t force you to pick any answer. Some answers end up making you win or lose.

Keep in mind this quiz does score you and choosing the right answer is important. Some answers do nothing much to your score on the other hand some do huge effects.

Created by: Cat lover

  1. You wake up one day, and get breakfast. You have eggs and toast and:
  2. You drink the whole bottle! You get your stuff ready and head to school. It is really hot inside and you get thirsty after a couple minutes of class. You ask the teacher to get a drink. She says yes. You go up to the bubbler and drink for:
  3. You then head back to class. After class you start to feel the urge to pee but it’s not a big urge and you know you might be late if you go to the bathroom so you head to your next class. In the middle of class your urge increases and their is 35 minutes of class left. What do you do?
  4. If you asked: the teacher said, “no, you could’ve gone in between classes!”
  5. You start to lose focus because of your urge to pee, you start moving your legs and squirm a bit, the teacher yells “sit still!” What do you do?
  6. The teacher says, “alright everyone stand up right now” once you stand up your urge to pee increases. “A lot of you are losing focus and are moving a lot, so let’s do a couple stretches to wake everyone up.” she says. You leak a bit on every stretch! You think she must be doing this on purpose. You try to cover your shorts with your shirt just in case. Once class is over you rush to the bathroom just to find out every stall is unavailable! (some toilets are broken, some stalls locked, some are covered in number 2) What do you do?
  7. If you chose answers 1,2,3,4: ahh sweet rellief you think, suddenly someone walks in on you! You freeze in place. They run out and later you find out she told the teachers! They called your parents! You lost.
  8. If you chose answer 5: After hours of waiting and watching boring lessons, it’s finally recess. You have to pee so bad that even walking is impossible without a leak! You run to a bush.. you decide if you should 1 pee in the bush or 2 wait till you get home
  9. If you chose answer 1: you rush to a bush far from everyone. You squat down behind the bush, look around, and then pull down your pants and start to pee. You win!
  10. If you chose answer 2: Finally your on the bus and almost to your stop. You feel your pants and they are pretty soaked in one area.. as your waiting you suddenly start leaking and you can’t stop! Their is pee all over the bus floors. Once you get home you rush out the bus and into your house. Every step you take you spurt a bit. Their is a trail of pee all over the floors. You realize someone is in the bathroom. What do you do?
  11. If you chose answer 1: As your waiting you start to hold your.. area.. and you accidentally let it all out. The person in the bathroom walks out to see you shaking with wet pants and a puddle of pee under you. You lost!
  12. If you chose answer 2: You run up to your room and close your door and start to pee, you try to stop but you can’t. Wow, you’ve got the messiest ending. You won though!
  13. Did you like this scenario?

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