Bakugan Quiz BLAH

This quiz is about Bakugan battle brawlers. Its not as funny as my other quizzes so don't leave mean comments or I'll slug you. Lol jk. But still DON'T do it. The next paragraph will be random.

I like cheese. I want to be an ultra elite. Do you like balls? Take more harpusrox7 quizzes. If I move up a status level I am going to party. Are you a hotshot? I like making quizzes when I'm bored. =D.

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. What you will do on this quiz is I will name a Bakugan character and you say what attribute they use ok?
  2. What attribute does Dan use?
  3. Runo?
  4. Marucho?
  5. Julie?
  6. Shun?
  7. Alice/masquerade?
  8. Komba?
  9. Klaus?
  10. Billy?
  11. Julio?
  12. Chan lee?

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