Baby and toddler diaper change

Hello, this quiz was done just to distract yourself or to hang out, I thought it would be fun and maybe something different, plus I don't think I've ever seen a similar quiz

In itself, the questions do not have an answer as such, so you can choose the one you want, it may serve a friend who wants to be a babysitter but these things overwhelm her a little, so I think this quiz could help her.

Created by: John

  1. Had you ever change a diaper?
  2. Did you like it?
  3. How old was the child?
  4. How was the diaper?
  5. How did you know if the child needed a diaper change?
  6. Did you check the diaper before changing it?
  7. Where did you change the diaper?
  8. The diaper was stinky?
  9. The child was a boy or a girl?
  10. Would you do it again?
  11. What brand of diaper was it?

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