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  • Hi!!!! I'm Vietnameese and CAN'T even read this. It's because I never learned to read my language. I can speak it though. Can someone tell me what/ who Tommiez is. I think they are all singers by the way. What does the title mean?

    peacockfeather13 Nov 23 '14, 11:08PM
  • Vietnamese.

    The Geek Nov 6 '14, 12:31PM
  • Yeah this appears non sensical

    Fire Fresh Nov 5 '14, 11:26PM
  • What language is this?
    How can it directly reach to the #1 spot?

    aadee Nov 5 '14, 10:09PM
  • Lol

    chocolatefrog Nov 5 '14, 2:36PM

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