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  • You are 38% perfect as a girlfriend!

    You're about average. Let him make the calls more often, he may feel slightly intimidated. Give him more control over the relationship. You may be going out with him too much, or too little.

    Could that be our problem? i think it's more my dad though that he's intimidated by

  • I got a 33%.

    It's probably because I tend to play really hard to get. Also, I really don't have a lot of time for my boyfriend because I have a busy life competing with my horses. I think that if the only thing i had in my life was him then i could probably be a better girlfriend...but apparently im not HAHAHA!

  • I totally agree this quiz is stupid cause all guys are so different. Some like to kiss and others maby not as much. I mean every guys different. Whoever made this quiz needs to think before they make certain quizzes!!

  • on the "who do you hug" i was hesitant, because its just a crush, and of course i would hug him, i kind of live on hugs, like, i get mad at mom if she doesnt come hug me before she goes to the store. or if its a quicky trip to the gas station. i love hugs. i put "him and female friends", but i kind of was tempted to put him and mixed friends, because of course i hug my gal pals, but i hug some of my guy friends, too. i am helping my friend with her movie for comm arts, i play one of the twins (i die) and so there is this inside joke where i call my friend who plays the mom "mom" and my other friend who plays the dad "dad", and my twin "sister", but apperantly i have a brother now, played by one of my best guy friends, so "mom" was all like, "say hello to your new brother" so i hugged him and said jokingly "yay, i have a brother!", so, yea. and i hug my other best guy friend, he is awesome, he is the knitting king, and he is so funny, sometimes. and i hug my best friends brother (we have to pay him in hugs, or else he wont push us on the tire swing) so i was kind of hesitant

  • You know, sometimes you’ve got to stop

    You can’t always be toward the top

    But then again, you never can
    Stay really low through thick and thin
    Sometimes you have to make a choice

    Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong

    One thing I always love to do
    Is just to sing alo-o-o-o-ong
    So metimes when your life is
    Stuck in the middle
    You’ve just got to play along
    As if it’s a riddle
    Because in the end
    Life will be all right
    No need to worry
    No need to fight
    ‘Cause life goes on
    O-o-o-o-o-oh yeah,
    Life goes on

  • 63%? WHAT! I have a crush and i believe he has a feeling inside that he loves me. We will not get married, because i never have kissed him only hugged him multiple times. He is there when i need a shoulder to cry on.

  • I got a 72% which is good. But maybe not because I don't know what kind of guy this is talking about. Every guy is different, and this may be saying that I am perfect for a guy who is not perfect for me.

  • I think I probably would be the perfect girlfriend - all I require is occasional service as a bed fellow from him and he can do whatever the hell else he wants. ^^

  • You are 58% perfect as a girlfriend!

    Cong rats, you're doing some things right. There's plenty room for improvement, but keep it up, you're doing good.

    Why dose this assume that Im strait?

    Anastasi X
  • I'm only 33% a good girlfriend. well, I don't actually have a boyfriend so I didn't really answer the questions about 'him' cuz there isn't a 'him'. Maybe that's why I got a low score...

    Jamie Elliott_Hall
  • You are 86% perfect as a girlfriend! 86%

    You are the perfect girl. Guys like you for who you are, not what you are. Keep it up, because that perfect boyfriend would want a perfect grilfriend.

  • I got 76% and I had to guess cuz i've never dated a guy. So if I started dating I think I'd make a great girlfriend..

    P.S I loved this quiz,well mainly because of my result but it was great.

  • I got 40% but my bf doesn't really even talk to me so I have to be the one to talk to even make a conversation between us. does that mean im boring or he just doesn't know how to talk to me??

  • Hahaha I got 89 percent. This quiz is amazing and true. I have some time for my bf but not all day but I know I'm a great gf he tells me all the time but on the questions " do u get all touchy feely" and "do u let him get all touchy feely" peolpe tell me we are too touchy feely? :D

  • You are 54% perfect as a girlfriend!

    Congrats, you're doing some things right. There's plenty room for improvement, but keep it up, you're doing good.

    Not bad. Good quiz. :)

  • this quiz is pretty lame.
    this quiz may seem as if some girls
    are perfect girlfriends for some guys.
    but not all guys are the same..

    -they have different tastes and personalities.

    me & my boyfriend are in love.
    & ionly got 67%

  • 61%

    For the question on "do you let him get touchy feely" I had to put whenever he wants to cause he is kinda abusive sometimes..... Lol, but I broke up with him. He was really ticked off...... Lol he diserved it! Why I am telling you this? I NEED SOMEONE TO VENT TO!! Lol.... Byez!

  • You are 65% perfect as a girlfriend!

    Congrats, you're doing some things right. There's plenty room for improvement, but keep it up, you're doing good.

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  • People have different opinions on what is a "perfect relationship" and what is not.

    There are so many different situations towards those questions and answers.

    so.. you suck.

    By the way, it says I'm a perfect girlfriend..

    but I really didn't need a quiz to tell me that :p

  • I will try to hang out with him more but when he is out with me and his friends for like his birthday and he goes to the bathroom his friends try to like touch my ass and stuff its weird.

  • 50% i will be anesce with u guys i am a perfect girlfreind then ops miss spelled some things my bad homees in one of my friends are'nt strait thats ok with ma cuz!!!! everybody likes there own ginder so thats awsome 2 but i'm strait though but still thats ok with me

  • I wish I got higher than a 64%. I wish I could be better for him.... should we breakup?? I have mixed feelings... I want the best for him, but he makes me happy.

  • Im glad that i am a really good girlfriend I am not controlling thank god!!!!

  • 54 I got 54% I'm 14 and already dating..... Oh and I love that little tap dancer on Americas Got Talent!!!! I voted for her!


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