Are you the a true harry potter lover

Ok you have read the harry potter books but do you acuttly injoy them? do you know neville long bottom and dont forget harrys good freind ron. whell youll see in Are you a true harry potter lover!

Are you ready to have fun? to take time and do your best geuss? whell in the end youll find some happy fun advice and little paragraph based of of your score!!!:)

Created by: Hermionie Granger

  1. In harry potter and the deathly hallows who dies first
  2. What is the first spell harry use's in the third task of the triwizard tornament
  3. Who does dumbledore die from
  4. How can you turn into a gost when you die
  5. What coler hair does Nevile Longbottom have
  6. Who is a death eater
  7. who is rons first crush
  8. What is Barty Crouches daghters name
  9. Where do Harry Ron and Hermionie usaly get butter beer at
  10. How much do you like the Harry Potter books

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Quiz topic: Am I the a true harry potter lover