Are You Stupid?

There are many stupid person around the world . Are you one of them ? Lolz! Probally not . This quiz is just for fun. Anyone can get 100% . So sup peoples?

O gawsh! Why there is two paragraphs?! Damn life . Anyways,take this quiz and get 100% . So bla bla bla . You know what I love to make this type of quizes. Take my other quizes

Created by: Donotdisturb

  1. 2+2 equal to ?
  2. 9x9 equal to ?
  3. 2x2 equal to ?
  4. 3+3 equal to ?
  5. 3x3 equal to ?
  6. I have 2 dogs. You have 8 dogs. We have?
  7. Dogs have?
  8. This quiz is ?

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Quiz topic: Am I Stupid?