Are you Random...? :B

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Do you think you can ace this Random quiz? Well if you think YOU can, try this awesome quiz! But if you think YOU cant. Well, TRY IT!! So try this FREAKING awesome quiz :B

I think you have what it takes to ACE this Random quiz :) so try! try! try! And if you think its dumb... oh well. You took it anyways!!!!!!!!!!!1 So..

Created by: Brokencyde-Nerd

  1. Do you think you are Random...?
  2. Okay 2+2=...?
  3. Is snata real...?
  4. Can you raed tihs? yes or no. Aeswnr.
  5. What is gorillaz?
  6. Uhm... What is cheese+ham=...?
  7. Do you like quizzes?
  8. blah.
  9. Im bored are you?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Random...? :B