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  • This was a shallow quiz. How much makeup you wear and if you have a boyfriend does not make someone beautiful. Even if they look ugly, that doesn't mean they're ugly. It's the personality and the attitude that makes someone beautiful or ugly. I'm not beating you up, whoever made this quiz, but please make another that's not so shallow.

  • As @LoneShadowWolf said, this is shallow and stereotypical. What does make-up, plastic surgery and boyfriends have to do with a girl being pretty? Being pretty is on the INSIDE, not the outside. Get that straight hun and make another quiz that isn't shallow.

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  • I honestly liked this quiz, and if a quiz said everyone is beautiful, and you were (this has no intent to be offensive) one of those people with self esteem issues, would you believe it? Be honest.

  • I really have to agree. It was pretty shallow.

  • i got beauty queen.. :) but still u have to realize its not about how much surgery you get or how much makeup u wear or the fact that u are in a relationship that makes u pretty or not.


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