Are you pretty ?

Hmm, do you think your pretty or ugly or in between ?? then take this quiz !! and found out but rmemeber this quiz ISNT REAL !! LOL . i just made this cuz i was bored !!!

If you get a good score then congrajualtions !!! lol (i spelled that wrong) if you get a bad score then who cares !?!?!? REALLY ?!? dont listen to a dumb quiz !! lol (:

Created by: amy

  1. Do you wear make up ?
  2. Your hair is...
  3. Your body is...
  4. Your personal hygein is...
  5. What do people say about your apperance ?
  6. Boyfriends ?
  7. Do you think you're pretty ?
  8. What do people in public do when they see you ?
  9. Are you nice or mean ?
  10. Who do you wanna get with more ? (doesnt count, just for fun lol)

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty ?