are you one direction smart~liam payne

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there are many things you may know about liam payne, well if you call your self and "liam fan" you better know quiet a bit about him. lets see how much you really know!!

do you love liam payne?! are you a fan of his? are you one (fan) how knows EVERYTHING about him? really? mind if i be the judge of that?! take this quiz and we will see just how much you know!!

Created by: tori

  1. how many sisters?
  2. shower or bath?
  3. fav. sport
  4. drinks or smoks
  5. shoe size?
  6. fav. color?
  7. wich ofthese does he love to do/
  8. fav. films
  9. fav. choclate
  10. birthday?
  11. pets
  12. how many pets
  13. last one.... middle name?

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Quiz topic: Am I one direction smart~liam payne