are you like one of my friends :3

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lol i had to change this lmao i did not agree to this i was forcedbto write this plase help what is life at this point....................lollllllllii

oh my lord i have to do this again im so sad synx didnt even help smh ...................loli oh my wow ok oog duck omg hi get out no mmmmmoooooommmmmmm lol.

Created by: conner

  1. Do i now you?
  2. are you addicted to mincraft
  3. turtle are cute right?
  4. are you going to be there for me
  5. whats my real nAMe
  6. hmm yes
  7. OMg
  8. synx is my only friend
  9. sorry this was not long
  10. no

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Quiz topic: Am I like one of my friends :3