there are many people out there and some are alike and others arent. people always wonder " hm im wonder who im alike with." this quiz could be your answer

are you like me. figure out in this idk FUN test/quiz what ever you want to call it... umm i cant think of anything else to write/type so yeah thats it

Created by: mya403

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. favriot color
  2. hmm do you live on georgia
  3. glynn county
  4. do you have 2 dogs
  5. how about a turtle
  6. if so does your turtle live with one fish that it could ieat but dosent
  7. do you have 2 live cats and a dead cat
  8. who is Iago
  9. are you bored
  10. are you single
  11. are you white
  12. do you wathc family guy and american dad
  13. do you like futurama

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Quiz topic: Am I LIKE ME