Are you gay? Time to find out!

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This quiz is purely for fun. Anything said here is all fun and games, nothing is meant to be unpolite against anyone. Before I get asked, I support the LGBTQ community and have nothing against them.

My quiz is obviously not accurate, partly because it's not even meant to determine anything, other than your sense of humor, and partly because I was in a rush.

Created by: Zipper

  1. When you see a dude in a bathing suit, what do you feel?
  2. When you hear a guy moan, what do you think?
  3. If u see your homie nut, you...
  4. If you see a guy having problems with his girl you say
  5. You see him in his depressed nibba hours, you go ahead and...
  6. If you see Jamal Derekson, you....
  7. Are you a KKK member
  8. If you saw a group of guys in a convo about glizzy's, you would say...?
  9. What do you first look at when you see this picture?
  10. if some handsome man looked at you, and whispered in your ear, "suqmadic" you would say..

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Quiz topic: Am I gay? Time to find out!