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  • I'm 11 and weight almost 350lbs. I spend most of my day eating and eating. I'm the biggest person in my family.

    My friends and family call me fatty, or jiggle monster, or an elephant. But it's all worth it, because my goal of being one of the fattest people alive is coming

  • Pudgy? Eh. I don't wanna sound cocky or anything, but I always thought I was average. I eat a lot and I mean A LOT but it's bc I'm going through puberty and I don't seem to gain any weight soooo. Anyways, good quiz. ^^

  • Lol I got pudgy. I mean yea I should probably start laying off the sweets. My mom said I’ve been “filling out” which is probably an indirect way of her telling me I’m getting fat.

  • I got pudgy, I have a few fat rolls but i dont look that differnt compared to other people when im wearing a normal shirt, but i never seem to gain or lose weight sooooooo

  • Pudgy... Not really surprised...

  • Im super skinny not fat lol


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