Are You FAT?????

there are many fat people,but very few skinnies.Fatty are quite fat.What is a fatty?A fatty is when a person has too many rolls of fat in their stomach!

What is a skinny?Well a skinny is a person who eats healthy and isnt over weight at all they are nothing like fat people skinnys dont have rolls of fat in them!

Created by: MELANIE

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  1. what do you see in the mirror if you take your shirt off?
  2. when you go to the beach what do boys do when they see you enter the beach?
  3. quik lift your shirt did your stomach bounce?
  4. Stand up look down what do you see ?
  5. What shirt size do you wear?
  6. What size pants do you wear?
  7. How much do you weigh?
  8. what do you eat when you want a snack?
  9. What would they call you on the street?
  10. do you think you are fat?

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Quiz topic: Am I FAT?????