are you bisexual

you are bi and everyboy know it there is no point in trying to hide it its ok to bee who you are now get out there and find that special someone who will love you for who you are

you are not bi noew getout there and be normal i guess if you are wondering if your bi this quiz did not help you any and im very sorry for that but get over it a--holes

Created by: lydia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when a girl walks in the room do you stare at her
  2. do you ever see yourself with a girl
  3. if your at a party and a girl walks up to you and flirts with you what would you do
  4. do you know if ur bi
  5. do u like this quiz
  6. if your boyfriend ever ask u for a threesome would you do it
  9. ijgoidgkj;sdhfgkj;sdhf
  10. are u bored

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Quiz topic: Am I bisexual