Are you as BA as me?

I made this so I could set my beautiful picture. Got it?! If not I'll inform you. Now take the quiz. And have fun or whatever. Okay???? So we clear? Good.

When I set my beautiful picture I'll also curvestomp someone who deserves it. That alright with you? Good because I didn't even need to ask. I hope you liked this "quiz".

Created by: Envy

  1. Can you curvestomp people?
  2. Are you jealous of everyone?
  3. Can you hit floors and make huge dents in them?
  4. Do you hate your "father"?
  5. Do you have green hair?
  6. Can you pick up Gluttony?
  7. Do you know all the sins and what they mean?
  8. Are you heavier than your size suggests?
  9. This quiz sucks. If you say that you don't wanna know what'll happen.
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I as BA as me?