Are You An Idoit

try this quiz to see if you are smart dumb or average so i hope you get at least a medium grade that is high or low.Good Luck See Ya Later oh and uh wait i forgot.

Are You A Smart Person Or A Dumb Person Or That Average Guy?I hope you get at least a high or low average grade.Good Luck okay.You Will Pass Ok okay see ya

Created by: Ben

  1. What Is 2+2?
  2. What Nickname Does Florida Have?
  3. How Do You Say This pred llort pred
  4. Waffles
  5. Waffles
  6. How Many Tallahasses are in FLorida?
  7. B
  8. Which Is Heavier
  9. 12x5
  10. Last Question What Is !)X!)

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Quiz topic: Am I An Idoit