Are you allowed to pee

Find out if I will give you permission to empty your bladder. Make sure you have a big drink and wait a while before starting to make sure you have something in your bladder.

I will decide if I think you are full enough to be allowed to empty your bladder and whether you are strong enough to hold it in for longer. You'll need a bottle of water or drink of your choice.

Created by: Pee pee

  1. Do you feel desperate
  2. Press your bladder. Did you hold it all in?
  3. Have you been this desperate before?
  4. Do you want me to let you pee
  5. Are you crossing your legs to hold it
  6. How much have you had to drink today
  7. Do you have access to a toilet now
  8. Can you see your bladder sticking out when you look at your belly
  9. Drink some water
  10. Could you hold it for another hour if you had to
  11. Have you held it all in so far
  12. Keep holding
  13. Open your legs wide and don't hold yourself for 30 seconds. Did you hold it in?
  14. Press your bladder for 30 seconds. Still holding?
  15. Do you need to pee?
  16. Open your legs and press your bladder as hard as you can. Still holding it all in?
  17. Do you like needing to pee
  18. Would you like to pee now?
  19. Are you comfortable
  20. Are you still holding it all in
  21. Nearly at the end
  22. Just hold a little longer
  23. Press your bladder again. Still holding it all?
  24. Is your underwear dry?
  25. On a scale of 1-5 how bad do you need to pee (1=not at all 5=about to come out)
  26. Should I let you pee now?
  27. Still holding?
  28. Nearly there
  29. Keep holding
  30. Does your bladder hurt from holding
  31. Push like you're about to pee then stop yourself before any comes out. Did you manage it?
  32. Could you pee

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Quiz topic: Am I allowed to pee

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