are you all about the hunger games

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you loved the hunger games and bought hte book and reasd it like a thousand times. or you just liked it and thouhgt it was aweome. did you really like the hunger games.

only one way to find out take my quiz and we will see. dont forget to comment and rate and all that stuff. oh yeah and i almost forgot please look at my other quizes.

Created by: amazon

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  1. do you know what the hunger games is?
  2. main charecter is?
  3. would you ever wan to be in the hunger games your self?
  4. whats your weaponed of choice?
  5. if your sibling were to be chosen in the hunger games would you take their place?
  6. why did katniss end up in the hunger games?
  7. what is the hunger games?
  8. did you read the book?
  9. did you see the movie?
  10. who was chosen to be in the game with katniss?
  11. how many boooks are there?
  12. what disrtict was katniss from?
  13. what happened to district 13?
  14. how many districts are there?
  15. what happened to katnisses father?
  16. do you lke the hunger games?

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Quiz topic: Am I all about the hunger games