Are you a woman yet?

There are so many women ladies and girls in the world, but their manners? The politest looking ladies might even eat like pigs! So it's nothing to do with looks, thus quiz.

Do you have ladylike manners? A lot if women don't. But you can take this quiz as a girl you don't literally have to be a grown up lady, this quiz is about ladylike behaviour.

Created by: Clar

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  1. Ok, this quiz literally has nothing to do with what you look like or how old you are, it's based on your manners, mostly.
  2. How much makeup do you wear?
  3. How much of your bare body shows when your dressed?
  4. Do you use a knife and fork?
  5. Do you Cross your legs?
  6. What is your natrual speaking volume?
  7. Do you smile when talking to someone, especially if it's a non relative?
  8. Do you dress so as to draw attention to yourself?
  9. Do you keep your personal space tidy?
  10. Do you wear jewelkery?

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Quiz topic: Am I a woman yet?