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  • I have ridden since I was VERY little, and my instructor trusts me to ride her 3-4 year old Paints that she breed, some of which are worth over $35,000, and yet I still got 0%.... I even went back and clicked all kinds of different ones (some of which are DEFINITELY not true for me! :) ) and I still got 0%.... I think you need to fix this, especially since it seems that everyone is getting pretty much the same results as I am....

  • What the frick, 0%! I've been riding for twelve years and just because you don't jump doesn't mean your not a true rider! There are other disciplines like western (I ride western) which don't involve high jumping! I ride VERY high-strung and/or green horses too (I'm a trainer). And by the looks of the other comments, I think the quiz is broken.

  • quiz is broken and most questions were not relevant. just because you do not own a horse does not mean you dnot love them. i can barely afford lessons and it is literally killing me.

  • wow i think like everyone got 0 percent, including me, which means that this is completly wrong. Ive been riding for ten years...leased a few horses...and own one so i think i need a higher score. Same with you guys too!

  • Uhh, Kate, let me give you some TRY TO FIX YOUR QUIZ!!! That might not be possible, (I have never created a quiz before!)but i clicked all the possible buttons to click that scream "I LOVE HORSES WITH ALL MY HEART!" yet, like all the other comments said, i got 0%. BTW, I have ridden for 8 years.

    Radar 1
  • I learner to ride before I could. Walk and I own 48 horses 23 mustangs and lite more but 0 percent I hadn't even thought about tjat

  • wow really. i have been around horses since i was 3 and started riding when i was 5. i highky dought that this is quiz went anywhere with anybody. i have seen way better quizes then this.

  • 0% huh? Funny, I've been riding since I was 2 years old, own twenty horses, and train colts...

  • Psh 0%. . . Uh riding for 4 years and can handle horses that like NO ONE else can. . .

  • 0%? Fix please

  • I got 0% too. I've been riding for over 15 years and i own 3 horses

  • i got 0% except ive been taking riding lessons for 5 years...

  • Ummmmmmm 0%... too bad ive been riding for ten years and owned two horses for 5... jacked up quiz


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