Are you a Swinger?

There are many people out there who think that they know everything there is to know about sex. Do you know everything there is? Well not to burst your bubble, but I doubt that. Take a stride on the wild side with this fun and factual quiz about the swinging lifestyle.

Are you a true swinger? Do you have sexual fantisies that you are too nervous to let out? Maybe you are a swinger and just dont realize how many swingers are actually out there. Maybe by taking this quiz will help let you out of the closet!

Created by: Tyfeny

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  1. The thought of seeing your significant other being arroused by another makes you...
  2. Swinging is...
  3. If your a closet swinger you...
  4. If your good at fellatio, your good at...
  5. Some people like the Greek Culture what is it?
  6. The French Culture refers to...
  7. A Daisy train is what?
  8. The thought of you with another person is fine...but the thought of your significant other is not
  9. The thought of "swapping" partners makes you...
  10. If your a swinger there is no such thing as cheating right?
  11. This quiz will help me find out a lot about myself

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Quiz topic: Am I a Swinger?