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  • I got 87% and I've never even been to the US. Q13 had 2 correct answers - JFK had 3 brothers, including Joseph and Bobby; yes, sila6 Vietnam certainly did have a civil war (though the US and several other countries decided to involve themselves in it) so that's all 4 of them, and the 'state' question has already been threshed out...

    bungies Oct 12 '07, 7:00AM
  • no offence, but that was a really stupid quiz. question 10, where did the civil war happen! does this writer know what a civil war is, i dont know about vietnam, but there has been a civil war in all of those other choices! how about, where did the AMERICAN civil war happen. and also, washington DC isnt even a state. im not even american and i can do better.

    sila6 Oct 7 '07, 1:21PM
  • I agree with Kat, it would be interesting to see what this quizmaker thinks the right answers are. I am quite confident I did better than 83% and that the score is wrong. Plus you can't trust a quizmaker who asks "What STATE is the US capital in?"

    Zangar Oct 3 '07, 3:43PM
  • Please share the correct answers. I'd like to know which ones I missed.

    Kat Oct 1 '07, 1:31PM

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