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  • The writer of this quiz is a moron!

    Washingto n DC is NOT a state, nor is it in a state. It is a 40x40 mile square area of land (shaped like a baseball diamond) that is not a part of any state. It is located in the southeastern corner of Virginia and borders Maryland.

    Kenned y had 3 well known brothers: 1) Joe Jr., who was the original person Joe Sr (their father) wanted to run for president. However, Joe died, well before any attempt at office could even be considered. 2) Robert (aka: Bobby) was the Attorney General, under his brother's presidency, and was assassinated in 1968, right on the eve of his nomination for the democratic presidential candidate - it was very likely he would have defeated Nixon and the US may have been quite different today. 3) Ted... a perennial fixture as the Democratic senator from Massachusetts. He lost whatever shot he'd ever have at becoming President, when his drunk @ss drove of a bridge, in Chappaquiddick, killing his female passenger - without ever making an attempt to save her. Ted, due to illness and age is also dead.

    The math question? It took a while to figure out what the moron was trying to ask. He really should learn how to properly structure a mathematics sentence!

    Seriou sly? "How many moons are in the Earth's orbit?" As opposed to "How many moons orbit the Earth?" Now we're getting into silly childish word games here? I expect his religion test to include, "How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?"

  • I got 97% and cannot imagine what I could have possibly had wrong. Is there a chance the creator of this quiz has some math wrong? I've checked all my facts, and there's just no way anything is wrong (other than my age and gender, and just how would you know that???).

    Dumb questions in many ways. WHICH civil war are you talking about? And Washington DC isn't a state, even thought that is the actual physical location of the White House NOT Northern Virginia (and if you've been there, you'd realize why the physical location of the White House is really just NOT Northern Virginia at all). Maybe you were talking about someone else's white house, in which case none of us respondents could possibly guess the location of that one.

    And exactly who DID free the slaves? I guessed Lincoln first (wrong) and then Roosevelt -- and is this possibly still my wrong answer?????

    Which president freed the slaves?

    The correct response is "none of the above." Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation did not actually free any slaves. It simply was a statement that as far as the Union was concerned, any slaves in the CSA were freed. However, the war had to be won before any slaves were considered subject to the terms of the Proclamation.

    It was Congress and the states (including a defeated South) that freed the slaves by passing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

  • Actually I do believe that the US capitol isn't in a state at all it's in a district. D.C. stands for District of Columbia. As for some of the other questions like how many moons are in our orbit, the answer is none we have a moon that orbits us, but we orbit the sun. I'll give you that Geography isn't my strong point, so state capitols I'm weak on. Sorry Texas. Still any idiot can go look them up, and sometimes it's not knowing the answer but knowing where to find it that counts. Over all it reads like the quiz maker needs to look in the mirror if he's really looking for what gives our nation a bad reputation it's not that we're stupid, it's that some of us think we're smarter then we are.

  • Frankly, the fact that the author of this quiz decided to mess around shouldn't be rewarded. When people read "How many moons are in our orbit?" they will think of Earth, not of the United States. Likewise, when the author asks what "State" the White House is in, s/he's being too cute by half by including the actual location of the White House. Apparently we are supposed to assume the infallibility of the author and recognize that we are not supposed to pick any of the answers. This is one of the dumbest quizzes possible.

  • Got a 93%. Went back and re-did the test and changed an answer that I thought was a trick question and ended up with a 100%. I hate to tell you but YOU have the wrong answer for question 15!!! What state is the White House in? The WH isn't IN any state - its in the District of Columbia which is a separate entity from any state. It was set up that way originally so that no state could claim superiority over the others because it had the nation's Capitol in it. And by the way "North Virginia" ISN'T state you moron!

  • Answers:

    -Who took office after President Kennedy was shot? Johnson

    -Where is the "grassy knoll"? Dallas

    -What is "Watergate"? A hotel that held The Democratic National Headquarters

    -How old does a man have to be before being allowed to be president? 35

    -You have to pay a $500 dollar fee to the US to own your own business. False

    -As long as you've lived in the USA for 20 years (regardless of completed documentation) you are a citizen of the USA False

    -Which president freed the slaves? Lincoln
    -The Civil War took place where? USA
    - Given: A + 13 = 90 - 10 A equals ? 67
    - The Capital of Texas: Austin

    - Who was JFK's brother and is he alive? Bobby, no

    - How many terms may a president hold office consecutively and how long are those terms? 2; 4 years

    -What state is the White House in? North Virgina

    - Desert Storm took place in what decade? 1990s

    - "Paul is dead"; Who is Paul? Paul McCartney
    - Vietnam lasted 2 years in the 1960's: False

    - In 1967 Apollo I never launched, why?: There was a fire during testing

    - How many moons are in our orbit?: We don't have an orbit

    -Penis envy theory?: Freud

  • You know this quiz was kind of offensive. You shouldn't make a quiz SPECIFICALLY based on one type of person. It's rude and shows that you think of yourself better in a way. I really wish we weren't tagged as stupid, lazy, and rude. 'Cause it's not true at all. Half of these questions didn't even make sense. I agree with _celloplayer_. Mphf. How would YOU feel if someone made a quiz like this about YOUR country? Kind of offended right? xP

  • Dude! Are You Kidding me??!! Seriously?! 33%?! Really?! I know my history! I aced my history class! And your questions are not all that good either! You don't know the cosnitution! The president can serve up to 2 terms or 8 years! That was not a opition! And the White House is not in a state. They did that so that no state could overrule the other states! And the opitions you had wern't even states! And you shouldn't go insulting your quiz takeres! YOu say I need to take a class on histoy and whatever you had on this quiz? YOU need to take a class! Start in Elementary! I bet I can get a higher grade in history than you! Next time you make a quiz like this, brush up on your history fool, or you'll get comments like this one!

  • Why doesn't this thing show the answers? It should. Particularly I'm not sure if one of the questions was correctly asked... There are no moons in our orbit. The earth orbits the sun, there are no moons in the earth's orbit. Perhaps the question meant to ask how many moons orbit the earth?

    This quiz seems to test if we know what the person who wrote it knows, and doesn't have much to say about any sort of general, objective knowledge/smarts.

  • I got 87% and I've never even been to the US. Q13 had 2 correct answers - JFK had 3 brothers, including Joseph and Bobby; yes, sila6 Vietnam certainly did have a civil war (though the US and several other countries decided to involve themselves in it) so that's all 4 of them, and the 'state' question has already been threshed out...

  • What the crap? There are so many spelling, grammatical, and informational errors in this that I think the author would get a %0. I mean, seriously? Making every day one word in that context and then not putting an apostrophe in "dont" but putting one in every plural noun? "Your" kidding me.

  • I scored 90 - which I don't consider all that great. Most of the questions posted here (Which civil war,etc) can be answered by remembering that this test us supposedly about American trivia. As far as Freud being foreign, that's certainly true - but his theories swept the U.S. and were latched onto by American psychologists. It's a flawed test, no doubt....but quite frankly anyone can post anything on the internet. I don't take it seriously. Go play Jeopardy instead. : )

  • Cute... to get full points for the White House one, you have to refuse to check anything (as it's not in a state but in the self-contained District of Columbia.) My first time through I assumed the testmakers were just being stupid, due to the orbit question (which is phrased wrong... we DO have an orbit, as another person mentioned) and the fact that they misspelled "Philadelphia."

  • @Alleycat27 you know that Washington DC isn't actually a diamond (anymore) right? If it were, I would be living in Dc, but instead I live in the part that Virginia took back. It's pretty much half of a diamond, and it's way less than 40x40 sq mile, as that would imply that it's 1600 miles^2, when it's really 68 miles^2

  • The quiz is hilarious and full of mistakes.......Whoe ver wrote the quiz is the idiot... What state is the White House in? And then no state is listed? (Washington DC is not a state!) President Kennedy had two brothers, not one, Joe and Robert, and both are deceased!

    Ha Ha Ha!

  • Oh, and P.S.

    Earth certainly DOES have an orbit. We orbit the sun. It's correct that we don't have a moon in our orbit since we are in the moon's orbit, and not it in ours. But we orbit the sun and we are in the sun's orbit. You might check out your proper usage of terminology when you describe orbiting relationships!!!!

  • Damn, I only got 48 percent! But I'm also not American, so...I think that's still okay. I think the questions were really good, they were hard, but good. I don't know why all the people are complaining about this quiz, I thought it was very good. And it's not the fault of the creator...if we know so little.

    And celloplayer, calm down...if you're not from the US and got 33% it's still pretty good. On the other hand...if you're from the US, you obviously don't know your own history that well. So stop whining around!

  • WTF, this is an awful quiz...the answer to the moon question is "we dont have an orbit"...we clearly have an orbit and one moon in that orbit. And the answer to what state the white house is in is "North Virginia", the White House isn't in a state. It's in D.C., which isn't a state, but at least it was up there...even though for some reason it wasnt the correct answer.

    What kind of idiot made this test? Were they in preschool or are they just stupid.

  • 67% -You know that grade don't you?

    WHAT????? I know that grade?? I know my American history, these question were sooo vague, especially the Civil War question. I would like to know which questions I got wrong, because I aced American History!!

  • The author obviously doesn't even know the correct answers.

    To get to the 100% you have to answer some questions wrongly.

    For example, to get to 100% I had to say the White House is in the non-existent of state of North Virginia and that I didn't know what an orbit was. (1,2,0 all got me to 98%)

  • Americans should know the answer to most of the questions. However if questions about sports,hiphop,personal lives of tv and movie celebs and of course evil government plots to murder thousands of Americans and blame radical Islam. Then I am sure most street savvy Americans would score well. Unfortunately.

  • I know the U.S.'s History, pretty well, and scored really low.

    Though it's been a few years, I knew more than what was taught and some of the stuff here seemed pretty stupid...

    The person, who made this, probably looked stuff-up, at the last minute.

    Isolde Michi
  • I do have an earlier post thanks to little bro. And if I'm correct she/he's saying you don't know the history not that you don't know algebra. Bunch of drama queens. I got 26% and I'm not even American

  • Some things in here werent even american...Freud was Austrian for starters...freed the slave...ummm well possibly if your talking to someone who doesnt really get the civil war wasnt really about slavery thats just the fairytale it was industry vs agriculture...ok test just some flaws


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