Are you a math whiz?

This quiz was made to test you on how well you are at Math. This was made for fun. NO CHEATING!! You should have a pencil or pen and something to write on.

There are 10 questions and 1 point each. So the max of points you can have is 10 points. Again NO CHEATING!! I wish you the best of luck and try your hardest.

Created by: Mad-Dog

  1. 2+2
  2. 4+123987
  3. -1+2-3
  4. x+9=18-2x
  5. 2(4+9x)
  6. 5+5-2+9-10
  7. 6+6+6+12-9-5+12
  8. 123456789-987654321+123-456+789
  9. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
  10. 918273645+1029384756-5

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Quiz topic: Am I a math whiz?