Are you a Genius :D

This is one of the funny-serious type of quizzes you'll take here on gotoquiz. Just enjoy. don't fret if you're stupid! Everyone has their weak spot somewhere!

So yeah I'm just going to keep on typing because no one actually reads these stuff anyway! Who does? Spongebob and Squidward in the episode " Best Friends"?? That episode will never show, because Squiddy eternally hates Spongebob.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Are you going to search these questions up in the internet?
  2. What is XxX
  3. what is the number pattern? 14, 19, 38 , 26
  4. Who is the 44th president of America? (More like a trivia actually)
  5. What is an anus?
  6. Are you good in the field of Science?
  7. What is the safest place to be in below?
  8. What is the longest WORD? (you need to know if the word is real)
  9. Can you NOT do anything?
  10. Is Percy Jackson considered as Perseus? (greek mythology)
  11. If a tree falls down in a forest, and nobody was there to hear it, would it make a sound?
  12. How are centaurs and satyrs different?
  13. Do people go to you just to ask a question?
  14. Is your vocabulary high?
  15. What is the plural of the word "Pegasus"
  16. If you're talking to a friend, and you want this other friend to join in. Then he suddenly asks " Mind if I join?" You say
  17. This is the 19th question are you ready for the last question (not counted lol)
  18. Pick the number I am thinking of

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