Are you a gelatinous blob?

In this day and age, we Americans do not eat very healthily. Many of us are overweight, some of us are too skinny, but the real problem, is that there are some among us who are not even human! They are the gelatinous blobs. No one knows where they came from, but they are sticky and evil. And YOU may be one!

Are YOU a gelatinous blob? Do you stick to things, wobble uncontrollably, and seem to be very edible? If these things seem familiar to you, then you might be a blob! Identify yourself, with this quiz! The results may shock you!

Created by: Chie

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  1. Do you often feel sick to your stomach?
  2. Do you often find objects passing through you?
  3. Let's be frank, can you have sex like a normal human being?
  4. When you walk, do you actually use your feet?
  5. When you pick up objects, do they stick to your hands?
  6. Can you change shape?
  7. How heavy are you?
  8. What happens when people poke you?
  9. What is your opinion on animal cruelty, specifically horses?
  10. You are about to find out whether or not you are a gelatinous blob. The final question is, do you even know what a gelatinous blob is?

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Quiz topic: Am I a gelatinous blob?