Are you a felicia? (Bad person.)

This quiz will test if you are a bad person! Try your best and be sure to be honest to get your final result! :) (This sentence is so that this paragraph is approved.)

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Created by: Sacred

  1. Are you mean?
  2. Do you take your parents for granted?
  3. Have you ever sabotaged anyone?
  4. Would you rather skip your concert for a family emergency or continue your concert?
  5. Would you rather be rich and greedy or poor and nice?
  6. Would you plan an evil scheme to get more money? $$$$
  7. Would you rather sacrifice your life for a puppy or have a puppy sacrifice their life for you?
  8. Let's say you only had one meal and you and the other person were starving. Would you rather give the meal to the other person or give the meal to yourself?
  9. 2 more questions! How many times have you gotten in a fight with someone?
  10. How would you rate this quiz?
  11. BONUS QUESTION: Dare to take a risk in your final score? Would you rather sacrifice yourself for all existence or have no existence at all.

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Quiz topic: Am I a felicia? (Bad person.)