Are you a dumb person?

Maybe you Will win this quiz, or not... This quiz will say if youre stupid, or not. Think logically, or have much knowledge and you WILL probably win.

Are you stupid? You Will find out thanks to this quiz in a few minutes. There are many dumb people, but few true stupid and retarded people. Good luck

Created by: shoottowin

  1. (Easy) What do you do if something is suspicious?
  2. (Easy) What is 0.7 x 9
  3. (Easy) Which word is spelled wrong?
  4. (Normal) What is the average maximum speed of a human?
  5. (Normal) What is spelled wrong?
  6. (Hard-normal) What is 4 in the power of 3?
  7. (Hard) Which is true?
  8. (Hard) True or false? A bat is a mammal
  9. (Hard) Can you see the Great wall of China in space?
  10. (Extremely hard) What is 30: 0.5
  11. (Genius) What is the smallest ammount of time?

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Quiz topic: Am I a dumb person?