Are you a crazy weirdo?!?!??!

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Hi, I don't know if you know unless you are naillil but I am a CRAZY WEIRDO!!!!!! So this quiz is to see if you are also as crazy weirdo as me!!!!!!!!

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Created by: ilovemermaids

  1. Do you ever ask yourself questions like Can wee be rainbow?
  2. Do you try to lick your nose and your elbow at the same time?
  3. Is your name annaylop or naillil ?
  4. Do you delight in made-up words and make up your own?
  5. Do you act crazy and weird in school too and do stuff like paint your face to go to school?
  6. Do you ever act like a 2 year old?
  7. Have you ever told your friend that you will throw them out of the window in their sleep?
  8. Can you poke your eyeball repeatedly and willingly?
  9. Are you friends with me, probably the craziest weirdo ever to exist?????!??!?!??! BLEHBLABLEEEEEEBLOOOBLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. In your opinion, I am...

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Quiz topic: Am I a crazy weirdo?!?!??!