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  • I got extreme country girl. I live in New Jersey but I spend most of my summer break, thanksgiving break, and spring in North Carolina so I guess it makes sense! I love running round barefoot in the fields, bonfires with my familly, and riding the horses.

  • Yeaaa! I love when I know I'm a country girl.

    Except for the fact that people are always gettin on my frickin' back for sayin ya'll. And for not completein words.

    I say nothin instead of nothing.
    Yay country people!

  • Extreme Country Girl.

    Yelp, that's me alright. I do live on a farm, and get bugged about my accent.

    Great Quiz. Well put together!

  • Yea im from Dallas, but consider my self more of a city girl than a country girl, even if i live in north carolina!

  • yepp i'm a city girl all the way....always on the laptop, iPod, or tv and cant live without Aeropostale!

    vampire chick

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