Are you a baby quiz

WELCOME TO THE QUIZ!!!! Hi I am like you a wondering person who needs to know if there a baby. I am going to take this quiz myself TRURTHFULLY. and also please don't hate TO bad on this I' only 10 you can hate but not to bad

Thank you everyone who is taking this quiz you are wonderful amazing and YOUnique how you are don't change thanks for taking this quiz, it means alot to me

Created by: Emma

  1. How old are you
  2. What are you
  3. what do you wear
  4. what do you do normally in the day
  5. what are/do you want to be
  6. Imagine this: So your bf/gf (if you dont have one just pretend you do) just came to pick you up and you go outside and he/she picks you up and puts you in a baby car seat but before he/she does, they put you in a baby diaper! Before you leave, you presses really hard on your bladder and you already had to pee, and you just think hold it in, hold it in, but, his house is a hour away. Once you get there, you pee in your diaper! You instantly regret holding it in, because you pee so much it shows through the diaper! Your bf/gf changes you then puts you down, and gets his phone. You see he's calling his parents, but you can't hear what there talking about. You get home, only a diaper and a shirt and your parents aren't mad or weirded out, they have diapers and a highchair and baby food you go upstairs to your room and it has a crib!
  7. what do you sleep in
  8. "You are being babysat sweetie!" says your mom.
  9. Bye
  10. jk

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