Are you a baby quiz

Hi. My name is Emma. I love being a baby but my parents will never let me so i make these quizzes in secret i always wonder if people think wow that 10 year old might like baby stuff

I worked really hard on these quizzes and exspecailly this one hears a right answer for one "YES EEEE" I won't say the rest any way thank you for taking this quiz and do you like the norris nuts i'm most like sockie now on with the quiz

Created by: Emma

  1. ok hi so the first question is what do you sleep in (beds)
  2. second question do you suck on a paci
  3. do you use diapers?
  4. do you suck your thumb
  5. do you want to be babied/be treated like a baby
  6. imagine this: You get home from school(pretend you walk to home if you don't) and your mom/dad looks mad. She/he looks at you and says You have been really bad lately and then says go to your room and wait for your punishment. You walk up into your room, worried and your scared for your punishment. Your mom/dad comes into your room and says lay down and you can tell she's/he's holding something behind her/his back you lay down and the your mom/dad pulls down your pants!! Then they put you in a diaper and really short shorts that show your diaper then your mom/dad put you in a baby shirt and then says come to the car and after put a paci in your mouth and then says come. You go to the car and then your mom/dad picks you up and puts you in a car seat and rolls down the window then goes down the main street so everyone can see you. You end up going to the mall and she/he changes you in the parking lot! She/he puts you in only a shirt and an elmo diaper. You go inside and there are millions of people.You go to the baby store and your mom/dad buys you diapers,pacis,baby toys,wipes, baby bottles,and a baby clothes but then she/he realizes a rattle but its open and she/he asks theā€¦
  7. you have to have a babysitter what would you want them to do
  8. have you ever been diaper punished
  9. its almost the endd
  10. bwye bwye
  11. tricked ya this is the last question what do you call your mom

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